Friday, 15 September 2017

Foods that Cause Stains On Teeth

When you start getting your teeth discolored, you also get the urgency to act promptly because it usually takes years to naturally treat the dental discoloration. Although, discoloration may be the normal part of ageing process, there are some factors which make this negative process to accelerate. The major factor among every other one is the food consumption habit. There are a lot of foods which can cause yellow or brown stains to occur on the teeth. Nevertheless, you can visit the dentist as soon as you see the discoloration process beginning. In the meantime, you will also need to adopt a resolution in which you can promise yourself not to eat the teeth staining foods.

Top foods which can cause stains on teeth

Foods and beverages of different kinds can cause teeth to stain. The top foods are the ones which are acidic, sugary, or the ones with dark pigments. It is worth mentioning here that tooth enamel naturally have several pores which are not visible to naked eye. Such pores may not cause much harm when you eat normal foods which would not cause dental discoloration. However, the foods which are rich in the components like acid, sugar or dark pigments can react with the inner surface of the teeth by passing through the tiny pores present in the enamel. In fact, the acid and sugar can weaken the enamel up to an extent where enamel would not be able to resist the action of such bad particles. As a result, the tooth discoloration would get accelerated.

With that said, it is worth mentioning some foods which can cause discoloration of teeth.

Products made of tomatoes

Tomatoes and the products made of tomatoes contain higher content of acids and dark pigments which stick to the teeth and react with the tooth enamel to cause the staining. Hence, you need to eat dark vegetables if you have the habit of consuming tomato based products. Dark vegetables make a film around the teeth that protect the teeth from getting stained.

Certain beverages

There are a lot of beverages which contain tooth discoloration pigments and acids. These items can react with the tooth enamel and cause it to wear off over time. Enamel is usually eaten away with the extensive usage of tea, coffee, soda and red wine. The best practice is to avoid these drinks, but you can also use straw if you want your teeth to be safer from the consequences of consumption of these beverages.


No one likes to quit eating berries because these are not only delicious but these are also loaded with antioxidants which can contribute in the overall health. However, the ‘dark’ side of berries is that it contains dark pigments which can sit on the teeth to cause stains. While we do not recommend stopping eating berries, you can brush your teeth every time after eating berries to get rid of the pigments.

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